Turtle Island

One of the places we got to visit on our trip was Turtle Island.  Before we left, I imagined this being a place where turtles naturally habitated and we would just quietly observe.  This turned out, however, not to be the case.  Turtle Island is actually a little conservatory that is VERY touristy.  It was still pretty cool though to see all of the animals that they had there!



Of course we took the typical tourist-with-the-turtle shot.  Yes, we are on the beach and so it appears to be the turtle’s natural habitat, but what you don’t see is the cage behind the camera.  Don’t worry, it’s not an inhumane place.  The turtles are well taken care-of and are released back into the wild after 6 months.

I just felt duped is all. 

And why am I holding only one shoe in my hand, I don’t know.



This is another type of turtle they had.  I can’t remember what’s it called, but it’s rare.  It is maybe about 10 inches long.  And it’s shell reminded me of Shell Gas Station.  (why it didn’t reminded me of the actual shell that the Shell Gas Station logo is modeled after, we’ll never know)



They had other types of animals too…this is some kind of giant snake that I didn’t want to hold, but Nathan liked him.



A fruit bat.  He just hung out in this tree all day, I don’t know how they kept him from flying away!  We weren’t allowed to touch him though because he bites.



The eyes are staring at me!!


dsc_6080-resize This is a Komodo Dragon, which I believe are the world’s largest lizards.  I think he’s about 6 feet, head to tail.  These guys are (I can only think of the Indonesian word that fits right here…) asli (sorry about that) from Indonesia.

Woah, maybe this language really is starting to stick!! :)


So, at the beach around the time when the sun started to set the tide went out leaving a whole bunch of little tide pools in the ocean.  Nathan and I went exploring and came across a few hundreds of starfish!  I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them because I’d never seen starfish in real life before!


We could walk maybe 300 ft out into the ocean before it dropped off into deeper water.



This is one of the first groups of starfist we came across.  I was so excited!  I think I about a zillion pictures (ok, maybe 3) pictures of these guys.


Then Nathan found these guys…starfish on a starfish.



He just looked different than all the rest…



Seriously, we had to watch where we stepped, there were so many of them!!



Each of them were uniquely different.  God is so creative!!

Since We’ve Been Gone…

After 8 months of living on a tropical island, we finally made it to the beach!!  Yipee!  (Thus my absence from the blog)

For our 4 year anniversary (which technically isn’t until July, but now is when we had time off from school) we went away to the beach together to relax and rejuvinate!

It was awesome.

I’ll write more later…but here’s a little preview:


Oh man, is it to early to want to go back?

Chiastic Structure (A Lovely-Less Lovely-Lovely Evening)

Last night started out as a lovely evening and ended up as a lovely evening, but the middle part was a little, um, less lovely.


Brian and Heather came over for dinner and Settlers.

By the way, they are moving to Papua very soon and I am very sad.  But at least we’ll see them again in a few months when we move there!



I made pizza and Heather brought Black Forest Cake (yup, we’re eating very healthy!)

After dinner, we started our Settlers game.  Not just any old Settlers though.  The Cities and Knights version that I bought for Nathan.  If you haven’t played, you should.  It’s uber fun.


Maybe about halfway through our game (at which point, I think I was winning!), I got up to go to the bathroom.

In my bathroom, I have a basket next to the toilet full of toilet paper.  While I was…in there…I noticed some dirt under the basket.  “That’s strange,” I thought.  This is when the night took a turn.  I picked up the basket, gasped and called for Nathan.



This picture does not do justice to what I found under the basket.  The floor was moving….so many termites.




Teeming with termites.  Even typing this now, I feel like they are crawling on me.  Are they crawling on me??



Apparently toilet paper is quite a treat for them.  Can you spot the momma termite in this picture??



Not to mention my BRAND NEW basket! 

This was a really bad time to be out of Raid.




Boiling water will have to do.  It works great, however it takes time for the water to boil.  And by the time it did, a lot of the termites had scattered.  Hopefully they went to someone else’s house…but I doubt that’s the case.  Please don’t eat my furniture little termites!  A basket I can live with, but please not my furniture!!

Well, after throwing away several rolls of toilet paper and boiling the termites…we went back to our Settlers game. 

I didn’t win.  But Nathan did and that makes me happy too.

(Dear Bible study ladies, this story is a good example of chiastic structure, eh?  Settlers-termites-termites-Settlers)

The Incident

Last night…something happened and it makes me shudder.

I came home from our friend’s house and was in the kitchen, when Nathan said, “Lookout! I saw a big spider in there before!”  Gulp.  Ok.  I’ll look out.

Then Heather walked in and whispered to me that there was a giant wolf spider in the corner of the living room (because she knows that I’m the official spider killer of the household)  But this was a BIG spider.  BIG.  HAIRY.  JUICY spider. 


Little spiders I can handle, but BIG, HAIRY, JUICY spiders, not so much.  So, we gave the  job to Brian.

Now, my house has maybe 15 foot cielings.  They are so high in fact that we have a special extendable pole to change the lightbulbs.  With lightbulb-changing pole and broom in hand, Brian chased the spider across the cieling. 


And then, this happened:


This is the cieling.  Behind that piece of cardboard is a hole.  And behind that hole live a whole myriad of bugs and rats (thus the cardboard).

Brian tried to squish the spider with the broom/lightbulb pole, missed the spider and punched a whole in the cieling.  We didn’t even care about the cieling, we only cared that the spider was STILL ALIVE!

Then, suddenly, the spider dropped to the floor, fixed his beady little eyes on me and ran!  YIKES!! 


Thankfully Brian squished him before he got to close.  I could hear him squish….ewww.

I didn’t take either of these spider pictures.  I was too busy standing on a chair to take pictures.  So, thanks Google Images!


Sorry we have been MIA this week.

We have 6 people staying in our house (4 of them being kids) so needless to say our house is much busier than usual!

The Juneaus are a family that were here in Salatiga last year and now have graduated from language school and moved to Papua.  They are on their way home for furlough, so they stopped here on their way to visit their friends! 



We are having so much fun seeing them again!  When we move to Papua in August, they will be back from furlough, so we will be able to see them again!!

Saturday Morning

Sigh, there’s nothing quite like Saturday morning. 

Sleeping in late…


Sweeping the still-alive-and-kicking-cockroaches out of the house…



Drinking a piping hot cup of coffee…

This is the life!