10 weeks

Last week, Elias and I made a quick little trip to Sentani so that Elias could get his 12 month immunizations.

I was feeling super antsy to get out of Nabire for a bit because we had been here for 10 weeks. In a row. Somehow, this is not normally my life…we don’t stay put. I looked over my calendar from the last year and realized that the last time we stayed in one place for 10 consecutive weeks was before Elias was born! Which means, up unil we arrived in Nabire, Elias had never in his life slept in the same place for more than 10 consecutive weeks (I think the most was 6…)

What a crazy life we lead. But, it’s rarely boring!
IMG_1351 resize
(Elias conquers the Sentani playground.)

Tropical Heat

The tropics are hot. Yep, it’s true.

But the heat does have some advantages…

While my parents freeze in Illinois with yet another snowstorm, we are eating popsicles, going to the beach and sweating…like, a lot.

So, what’s better than a tub of water and some food coloring when it’s blazing hot (and humid!) outside? Not much, Elias would tell you. Not much.

DSC_3900 resize

DSC_3913 resize

DSC_3916 resize

DSC_3920 resize

Is he not the cutest little boy you’ve ever seen? I mean, I’m not biased or anything…

Celebration in Derepos

Well, even after all the crazy events of last week, life marches on here. A funeral was held for Bob on Friday. Over 1,000 people were in attendance. Though we were not able to attend, we are told it was a fitting memorial for his life and service.

Last week was also elections here in Indonesia. Elections are always a busy time with protests and parades and election banners.

Nathan flew into the village of Derepos earlier this week. One of his passengers was the newly elected kebupaten (regent) of that area. The people of Derepos were excited to see him and pulled out all the stops on his arrival. With everything going on (unloading of passengers and cargo) Nathan just managed to catch the tail end of the celebration on his phone.

Nathan said they sang and danced around the plane several times after their arrival. I guess they are happy with their newly elected leader!


On Wednesday, there was a fatal crash in Papua. Bob Roberts, of Adventist Aviation, along with one passenger passed away after an accident on take-off in Sentani (a town a few hours from here). Bob had been involved in mission aviation for over thirty years, flying in both Africa and Indonesia.

It is always a sober reminder of the dangers of flying here when we lose one of “our own,” but we can still rejoice in the fact that Bob is now home with his Saviour. He has left a huge legacy of service behind him here in Papua and I know he will be greatly missed.

Please pray with us for his family at this difficult time.

Strawberries and Cheese

Facebook knows that I live in Indonesia, because, well, I told it that I do. So now I get fun Indonesian ads. This one popped up in my feed the other day, so I thought I’d share it with you.

It’s a super special recipe for a strawberry and cheese sandwich.
Roti-keju-stroberiThe recipe calls for bread (obviously), blue band (which is like oily margarine. We use it as a shortening replacement…if we’re desperate), strawberries (where are they finding these strawberries???) and cheddar cheese. Sounds delicious?

Mango Time

Mango Time [mang-goh tahym] A period of time in which one plays outdoors with mangos
DSC_4024 resizeWe have a very large mango tree outside of our house, so there are mangos everywhere. Whenever Elias plays outside, he seems to always have a mango or two in his hands. He throws them, tries to eat them, and rolls them down the slide. Who knew mangos were so much fun!
DSC_4030 resize (Yes, mango time is usually followed up by bath time :) )


One of the less glamorous parts of Nathan’s job is getting fuel. The fuel trucks are not able to drive over to the MAF property to fuel our planes, which means the planes drive over to the fuel trucks. Sometimes Nathan will do multiple fuel runs in a day and dump the fuel in our reserve fuel tanks.<

Before our furlough, Nathan spent his fueling time chatting with the fuel guys. And apparently while we were gone they were asking the other MAFers when we coming back and if we had a baby yet. So, now that we are back, we decided to take Elias on a fuel run so that the fuel guys could meet him.
DSC_3703 resize
Elias and I are ready to go! (Although he doesn’t seem so sure)

DSC_3714 resizeDriving down the runway.

DSC_3724 resizeElias does a seatbelt safety test while we wait for the fuel guys.

DSC_3736 resizeMeeting one of the fuel guys!

Indonesians love babies and Elias is no exception. Everywhere we go people pinch his cheeks and tell us how handsome he is!

Husband, Father, Pilot, VSAT Guru

One upon a time, Nabire was the land of slooooow internet. Were we grateful to have internet? Sure. But we live in a fast-internet dependent society (not Indonesia…but we kinda live in two worlds, ya know?) and so the slooow internet was frustrating.

AND THEN, MAF bought us this awesome sauce VSAT system so that our internet would be better. Not record breaking speeds, mind you, but muuuuuch better than before.

And then on Monday night, it went kaput. And that’s the thing about having your own VSAT: you can’t just call the internet people to come fix it, you have to fix it yourself. Nathan has taken on the role of Nabire’s IT guy because, well, someone needs to do it, and why not him? He likes techie things.

So, Nathan spent the better part of two and a half days troubleshooting and figuring out what was wrong with the VSAT.

You will not be surprised to know that my handy hubby-pie figured it out (some kind of cable connection thingy) Parts were sent from Sentani, and wahlah! Internet is fixed.

So, there you have it, not only is Nathan a spectacular Husband, father and pilot; he is also a VSAT guru (although I’m not sure he would claim that title) (by the way, “Guru” is the Indonesian word for teacher…but I don’t mean teacher in this case, I mean guru…is that how you spell it? Who knows…oh my rambling brain.)
IMG_1277 resize


A few weeks ago, in the non-uploadable phase of blogdom, Elias and I did some fingerpainting with the young kiddos on base.

DSC_3168 resize

Truth be told, Elias was much more interested in playing in/eating the dirt than fingerpainting, but ya know, that’s life when you’re 1.

DSC_3182 resize

The other kids were more successful in their fingerpainting…

DSC_3188 resize

The paints were kinda goopy, but when left out to dry, they did set quite nicely.

DSC_3189 resize

(notice the dirt mixed in to Elias’ painting)

Many of the fingerpaint recipes I came across called for sugar, but we already have trouble with ants so I kept looking. Finally, I found this recipe for fingerpaints that is totally edible and without sugar. ¬†According to Elias, it’s quite tasty, especially with a bit of dirt mixed in (but this kid also eats dog food, so I wouldn’t necessarily trust his palette)

Do you have any fun ideas for activities with littles? ¬†I’m always on the lookout!